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If you are here it’s because you believe you might need legal advice from a Costa Rica lawyer. Our website was designed to be the source of useful information for people looking to do business or relocate to Costa Rica.  Among the main reasons why people believe they need a Costa Rican lawyer are:

ü  To form a Costa Rica firm to purchase assets.

üTo establish an on-line or land based enterprise.

ü  To apply for Pensionado, Rentista, Investor or Family Visas.

ü  To invest in real estate, acquisitions, mergers or for business startups.

ü  To engage in litigation in Real Estate, Civil, Criminal or Family Law.


You are invited to browse through the simple explanations that our Costa Rican lawyers have prepared for you based on their best knowledge. Prior to starting any legal procedure in Costa Rica the pages of our site will prepare you with enough to discuss your plans in the country.

AP & Carlsson Law recruits lawyers from only the best law school in Costa Rica.  The firm is directed by seasoned Partners with world class education and expertise. More than 50 years of experience at your service in countries like United States, Canada, Russia, China, Spain and Latin America put us in a privileged position in Costa Rica.  “Global Expertise + Local Talent” is our tagline and represents what we can offer to our clients.  Contact us for more information.


Disclaimer: AP & Carlsson Law Firm S.A. is a duly registered Costa Rican Corporation dedicated to the provision of specialized legal advisory services for foreign individuals and companies that invest, retire or do business in Costa Rica. The content of this site is intended for informational purposes only, please contact our lawyers for personalized legal advise adjusted to Costa Rican Laws. A client/attorney relationship is required to receive legal advise - Costa Rica Companies